co-work © Kim Note - Hilde Stevens - Jeroen Heyrman - Femke den Hollander
Femke den Hollander (°1979, Bruges, Belgium) always has had a great interest in documentary work, both photographs as film. She was already 30 years old when she bought her first camera, a second hand Nikon D90, and a 50mm manual lens.  She studied at the Academy of Fine Arts of Bruges and participated in several exhibitions in Bruges. She's looking for unknown environments, trying to document the living of people she does not know. Spending time with them, learns her what might get lost in the future when no body documents it. A never ending story. She took part in a few projects on the immaterial heritage of Bruges. In 2015, she started to work as a freelancer, next to her job as a social worker and mother of two.  
She did and does work for:
De Republiek Brugge, TURBO Brugge, Knack WE, De Makersrepubliek, J.E.F., CAW Noord-West-Vlaanderen, ARTES, Cinema Lumière, Standaard Uitgeverij and more. 
Reviewer feedback about the project 'Waiting for a while':
"Thanks for sharing your portraits series with me. I enjoy viewing them. The refugee issue and the transitions into the new country are heartbreaking. I can feel their pain, struggle, and the need to be accepted wholeheartedly into the new settings and to begin their lives. I appreciate you being a part of the project and to bring out the visuals to the world to see and understand. Image no. 7 is quite special as it reveals more of the emotions and feelings and the desperation of these refugees in the camp waiting to be processed and registered. I like the black and white journalistic approach to your project. I think it's successful".
(Submission Review (Series) - Portrait Awards 2016 - LensCulture)
Bruggefoto17 & 300 jaar Academie - 'Illuminato' 
De Republiek - huisfotograaf - #derepubliekvervelt
class 'fotoredactie' - org. mentormentor Lisa Vandamme & Anja Hellebaut - Jan Desloover De Standaard
AirR Biekorf I - 'Les Refugiés' - CC Brugge
class 'reportage' - org. Tell me a picture - Yann Bertrand
Fotohuis & vzw Ter Muiden - 'Ter Muiden' - Beernem 
Graduation Academy of Fine Arts - thesis - 'The Waiting' - Brugge
Fotohuis & Raymond Van het Groenewoud - 'De Verpakking van Raymond' - Brugge
Fotohuis & MuseumBrugge - Snapshot 12 - 'Dans I.D.'
'Brugge - Snapshot' -  publication - Uitgeverij Snoeck
Fotohuis & 44 Gallery - BruggeFoto14 - 'The Family of Chinese'
Fotomarathon Europäischer Monat der Fotografie - Berlin
Fotonale 2013 Brugge 'Contrast' - selected
Fotohuis & 44 Gallery - BruggeFoto13 -  'Street Photography Now'
Fotonale 2012 Brugge 'Verborgen' - selected
Erfgoedcel Brugge/Fotohuis/BruggeMuseum - Snapshot 7 - Clubzotten&Cercletrutten

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