This series was made in November 2016 at a camping park in the Netherlands. I know this park well, I have spent holidays here in summer as well as in winter. In summer this park is full of life, swimming children and people enjoying the sun, meeting in the little gardens of their caravans.
In winter, the place looks abandoned, dead and breathless.
In November, I wandered around at night. The only camera I had with me was my phone. Therefore these are Instagram-pictures.
The little still scenes I was confronted with, freaked me out. I was impressed by the deathliness of these fragments in the dark. The caravans were left, the curtains closed stiff, the flowers and plants dead. I felt scared but in a certain way  the silence eased me too. These deserted spots whispered.
Next summer the children will come back and everything will be fine again. I hope. For now, I want it still.
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